Let’s imagine how scary your pet could be when one day you are suddenly not coming back home as usual. Overnight pet sitting service fits you and your pet’s needs perfectly if your pet has never been alone overnight or easily become anxious.

Before service starts, you, your pet, and the assigned pet sitter will have an initial meeting together. Having a pet sitter, whom your pet knows, to provide love and attention can help your pet to reduce the level of stress and much relieved than staying alone at home or in a kennel.

Our pet sitter will provide food and fresh water to your pet according to your requested schedule. Medication treatment will also be provided to your pet if necessary.

Our pet sitter can walk your dog at night and the next morning to make sure your dog gets a toilet break as well as exercise to maintain a good status of health.

For cats, our pet sitter will clean up the litter box for your cats daily.

During the service process, the pet sitter will send pet pictures and videos to you through email or WhatsApp to keep you posted about how your pet is doing. What’s more, we also help to water plants, pick up deliveries, and take out the trash.

The following are the services included in every visit. We will do our best to accommodate your request if there is something not written below.

Provide Food & Water
Provide Food & Water
Basic Grooming
Basic Grooming
Play & Accompany
Play & Accompany
Clean Up Pet's Toilet
Clean Up Pet's Toilet
Dog Walking
Dog Walking
Medication Treatment (if needed)
Medication Treatment (if needed)
Take Out The Trash
Take Out The Trash
Watering Plants
Watering Plants
Pick Up Mail/Newspaper
Pick Up Mail/Newspaper
Daily Updates with Text, Photos & Videos
Daily Updates with Text, Photos & Videos

How we work


    You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, Email, Service Reservation Form, WhatsApp or call us at 5378 2795. Please tell us your required service period, time duration for every visit and pet information.


    Based on the information you provided, we will arrange the most suitable pet sitter for you.

  • 3. MEET & GREET

    A free meeting will be launched between you and the pet sitter at your home prior to the commencement of the service to further communicate the pet’s caring details.

  • 4. HERE YOU GO

    If you are comfortable with the assigned pet sitter, the service will be reserved after you have signed the service contract and made full payment.

Service Prices

Initial Meeting


12 hours


* The above pricing is up to 2 pets. $25 will be charged for each additional pet.

# Travel fee could be incurred. The amount could be varied according to your living area.

^ Plus $100 for each additional hour.


Why should you choose pet sitting service for your pets?

Our pet sitting service fits 99% of household pets’ needs. Researches indicated that pet sitting service can greatly reduce animal’s psychological stress when comparing with boarding because they do not need to be transported to another unfamiliar place and therefore eliminating the feeling of being abandoned or overwhelmed. Furthermore, living at own home can highly reduce the risk of your pets being infected by other unknown animals, it’s especially true for senior pets and pets with vulnerable immune system. Additionally, pets with timid or less accommodating personality is advised to take advantage of home care service. However, we advise that for those pets who are suffering from serious illness e.g. heart attack, which requires constant monitor should opt for vet boarding service.

How can I know my pets and home are fine during my absence?

Our pet sitter will send you a detailed report about your pet’s status and what pet sitter has done on every visit by pictures, videos with word descriptions via WhatsApp or email. You are also encouraged to install a camera at home to watch over your pet from time to time. If you do not have a camera at home, you are welcome to rent it from us.

The strict recruitment & management procedures further ensure the person we employed is safe and experienced. We screen applicants by two rounds of interviews. Before hiring, a background check will also be performed to make sure the hired person reaches our company required standards. Therefore, all of our pet sitters are safe and experienced. On the other hand, the managers of the company will continue to monitor the pet sitter’s job performance to ensure everything is in line with your requirements.

What time will pet sitter visit my home and care for my pets?

Pet sitter will arrive at the mutually agreed time slot. For example, if the agreed visiting time is in the morning, pet sitter will attend your home and provide the care in the morning. However, the actual arrival time may be slightly different subject to factors that beyond the pet sitter’s control such as severe weather or traffic congestion. Pet sitter will keep you updated about the situation and try their best to stick to the original time.

What should I prepare prior to the initial meeting?

The purpose of the initial meeting is for pet sitter to understand more about your caring requirements and get familiar with your pet, at the same time, you can also know more about our pet sitter. The meeting will take place at your home and it usually lasts for 30 mins.

Client is advised to prepare a key and hand it over to the pet sitter in the meeting. We will preserve your key properly and return it to your mailbox on the last day of the service. If you need pet sitter to pick up the key or return the key to you on another day in person, an administrative fee of $50 will be incurred accordingly.

How do you deal with emergency?

If there is any emergent issue, our pet sitter will contact you immediately and take action based on your instruction. If pet sitter cannot reach you, emergency contact person will be contacted. If our pet sitter cannot contact anyone, pet sitter will make decision on his or her own.

What is the whole process of the pet sitting service?

You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp 5378 2795, or send a Reservation Form to us. Once we received your request, we will arrange a suitable pet sitter for you based on your requirements. A free initial meeting will be carried out and you can meet our pet sitter before the service starts. During the meeting, you can show pet sitter all the caring details. If you are satisfied with the assigned pet sitter, the final step will require you to sign up our service contract and make the payment to get your service reserved.

When & how to make payment?

Payment is due according to the due date listed in the service invoice. We accept cash, bank transfer and cheques.

How does your cancellation policy work?

If you need to cancel the service due to change of plans, you should notice us at least 10 days in advance. In this case, there will be 80 % refund of the service fee. In fairness to other clients waiting for pet sitting service, any cancellation makes within 10 days before the reserved service date, there will be no refund. For example, you reserved our service from 20th Nov to 25th Nov. If you apply for the cancellation on or before 9th Nov, you can get 80% service fee refund. Any cancellation application made later than 9th Nov is not refundable. Moreover, if you need to cancel the remaining service days during the service period, no refund can be made. For example, your reservation is from 1st Mar to 20th Mar. On March 14th, you would like to cancel the service from March 15th to 20th. There will be no service fee refunded from March 15th to 20th.


A 30 mins free meeting is offered. WhatsApp or call 5378 2795 for more details!

Thanks so much Angela!
Always very prompt reply to my msg and very detail real-time report, many photos or videos. You did take my worry away a lot by well communication. Thanks and I really appreciate!

Kozu Coffee

good good service!it takes good care of my puppy!

Shine Lee

I love their pet sitting service! They have taken good care of my rabbit. I feel so comfortable and worry-free when going on my trip. Thank you for your help!

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