Dog Walking Service In Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a hectic city with long working hours. Many dog owners have no choice but to leave their beloved furry kid at home alone for the whole day. We offer dog day care service to help you take care of your dog while you are busy at work or go on a trip. Our dog day care service can help to walk your dog or provide care at home.


For dog walking service, our dog walker will come to your place and walk your dog at your specified time and route. Exercise is important for dogs to stay happy and healthy. Dog walker shares the caring duties with you to exercise your dog. Therefore, you don’t have to take your dog out for a walk after your exhausting work, and enjoy the time with a tail-wagging pleased dog at home. Dog walking service helps to drain your dog’s energy and helps you to get good rest for tomorrow’s challenge.


Perhaps you just want your dog to stay at home and have someone who loves dogs to provide care and company. You can opt for our home dog sitting service. Our dog sitter will stay at home to provide care and company to your dog.


We offer you a free initial meeting before the service begins. Our dog walker or dog sitter will meet you in person at your home to get familiar with you and your dog as well as your caring instructions, such as the dog’s daily routine and the location of dog’s necessities. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure our service quality fulfills your caring requirements. If the meeting goes smoothly, the service will start at your specified time after the service fee is paid.

Either dog walking service or dog sitting service, our carer can help to carry out different caring tasks for the owner, such as providing food and water to your dog, and feeding medicine or doing injection if needed.

We not only care for your dog but also care about you. During the service, the dog walker or dog sitter will send you photo & video updates about your dog’s status. You are also encouraged to set up a camera at home to watch over how your dog is interacting with our dog sitter. If you do not have a camera, you can rent it from us.


Are you still struggling between pet hotel or home dog walking / dog sitting service? You will find your answer below.

Many pet hotels claim that your dog will be pleased when living in a so-called “well-decorated” room. But is this the truth? Research shows that many dogs will experience high levels of stress when they are being confined in an unknown and tiny environment no matter how well the decoration is. This is an expected result. Decoration means nothing. Your dogs will only feel abandoned which may result in behavioural problems like separation anxiety and chronic psychological torture.

In addition, according to some dog hotel user’s experience, they reported that their dogs had refused to eat and play during the boarding period. Furthermore, they noticed their dogs become depressed and inactive for quite a long period of time after boarding. Even worse, some dogs become sick because of the inferior hygienic environment. So why risk your dog?

Love means thinking from your dog’s perspective. We, as a dog owner, can’t name a place that provides a better sense of security and coziness to our furry kid than home.


Some may depend on an automatic feeder or seek help from friends or relatives to “keep their pets alive”. They seem to be fine solutions. However, when you think deeper, you will figure out that they are not available options. Perhaps a feeding machine is a cheaper alternative, but it’s not reliable because the operation of the auto feeder could be out of expectations. What if it doesn’t work suddenly? On the other hand, you can’t request too much from your friends or relatives. They come to help but are not obligated to serve. Therefore, quality is not assured. With our dog caring service, your dog will receive reliable and safe pamper.

The following are the services included in every visit. We will do our best to accommodate your request if there is something not written below.

Provide Food & Water
Provide Food & Water
Keep Your Dog Hydrated In the Walk
Keep Your Dog Hydrated In the Walk
Basic Cleaning After Walk
Basic Cleaning After Walk
Clean Up After Dog
Clean Up After Dog
Watering Plants
Watering Plants
Medication Treatment (if needed)
Medication Treatment (if needed)
Take Out The Trash
Take Out The Trash
Pick Up Mail/Newspaper
Pick Up Mail/Newspaper
Daily Updates with Text, Photos & Videos
Daily Updates with Text, Photos & Videos

How we work


    You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, Email, Service Reservation Form, WhatsApp us at 5378 2795. Please tell us your required service period, time duration for every visit and pet information.


    Based on the information you provided, we will arrange the most suitable pet sitter for you.

  • 3. MEET & GREET

    A free meeting will be launched between you and the pet sitter at your home prior to the commencement of the service to further communicate the pet’s caring details.

  • 4. HERE YOU GO

    If you are comfortable with the assigned pet sitter, the service will be reserved after you have made full payment.

Service Prices




Initial Meeting



30 mins



45 mins



60 mins



75 mins



90 mins



105 mins



120 mins



More than 120 mins


  • The above pricing is up to 2 pets. $25 will be charged for each additional pet.
  • Travel fee could be incurred. The amount could be varied according to your living area.
  • A free initial meeting will only be granted for customers who purchase 5 or more service visits.

Webcam Renting Service

Our webcam renting service is HK$60 per day. The following showcases its multiple functions:

  • Talk to your pets: A small microphone chip is embedded in the webcam that allows two way communications between you and your pets so you can interact with your pets at anytime and anywhere.
  • Video sending: If you are busy at the moment and wish to check out your pet’s activities, you can set up a timer to record a video. After recording, it will be sent to your mobile device automatically. Then, you can check it out when you are free.
  • Security: If you are curious of how our pet sitter is interacting with your pets, you are welcome to rent a camera from us for a peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: Once the webcam connects to your home wifi, it can be placed at anywhere with electricity supplies.


Why should you choose dog walking or dog sitting service for your dogs?

Researches indicated that pet sitting service can greatly reduce animal’s psychological stress when comparing with boarding because they do not need to be transported to another unfamiliar place and therefore eliminating the feeling of being abandoned or overwhelmed. Furthermore, living at own home can highly reduce the risk of your dog being infected by other unknown animals, it’s especially true for senior dogs and dogs with vulnerable immune system. Additionally, pets with timid or less accommodating personality is advised to take advantage of home care service. However, we advise that for those pets who are suffering from serious illness e.g. heart attack, which requires constant monitor should opt for vet boarding service.

People nowadays are busy at work. With our regular dog walking service, dog walker will take your dog out based on your requested schedule. Hence, your dog is able to get quality exercise and social life that are significant for their physical and psychological health in the long run. The service contributes to shape a happy dog and build a harmonious human-dog relationship.

How can I know my dogs and home are fine during my absence?

Our dog sitter will send you a detailed report about your dog’s daily status and what the dog sitter has done on every visit by pictures, videos with word descriptions via WhatsApp or email. You are also encouraged to install a camera at home to watch over your dog from time to time. If you do not have a camera at home, you are welcome to rent it from us.

The strict recruitment & management procedures further ensure the person we employed is safe and experienced. We screen applicants by two rounds of interviews. Before hiring, a background check will also be performed to make sure the hired person reaches our company required standards. Therefore, all of our dog sitters are safe and experienced. On the other hand, the managers of the company will continue to monitor the dog sitter’s job performance to ensure everything is in line with your requirements.

What time will dog sitter visit my home and care my dogs?

Dog sitter will arrive at the mutually agreed time slot. For example, if the agreed visiting time is in the morning, dog sitter will arrive your home and provide the care in the morning. However, the actual arrival time may be slightly different subject to factors that beyond the dog sitter’s control such as severe weather or traffic congestion. Dog sitter will keep you updated about the situation and try their best to stick to the original time.

What should I prepare prior to the initial meeting?

The purpose of the initial meeting is for dog sitter to understand more about your caring requirements and get familiar with your dog, at the same time, you can also know more about our dog sitter. The meeting will take place at your home and it usually lasts for 30 mins.

Client is advised to prepare a key and hand it over to the dog sitter in the meeting. We will preserve your key properly and return it to your mailbox on the last day of the service. If you need dog sitter to pick up the key or return the key to you on another day in person, an administrative fee of $50 will be incurred accordingly.

How do you deal with emergency?

If there is any emergent issue, our dog sitter will contact you immediately and take action based on your instruction. If dog sitter cannot reach you, emergency contact person will be contacted. If our dog sitter cannot contact anyone, dog sitter will make decision on his or her own.

What is the whole process of the dog sitting service?

You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp 5378 2795, or send a Reservation Form to us. Once we received your request, we will arrange a suitable dog sitter for you based on your requirements. A free initial meeting will be carried out and you can meet our dog sitter before the service starts. During the meeting, you can show dog sitter all the caring details. If you are satisfied with the assigned dog sitter, the final step will require you to make the payment to confirm your reservation.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

We accept cash, bank transfer and cheques.

How does your cancellation policy work?

If you need to cancel the service due to change of plans, you have to notify us at least 10 days in advance. In this case, there will be 80% refund of the service fee. In fairness to other customers waiting for dog caring service, any cancellation that is made within 10 days before the first reserved service date, there will be no refund. For example, you reserved our service from 20th Nov to 25th Nov. If you apply for the cancellation on or before 9th Nov, you can get a refund of 80% service fee. Any cancellation that is applied later than 9th Nov is not refundable.

Moreover, if you need to cancel the remaining service days during the service period, no refund will be offered. For example, your reservation is from 1st Mar to 20th Mar. On March 14th, you would like to cancel the service from March 15th to 20th. There will be no service fee refund for the period of March 15th to 20th.

Last but not least, before the initial free meeting is held, a HK$200 service deposit will be charged. This HK$200 deposit will be deducted from the service fee as a free meeting if you decide to continue your service reservation after the meeting. Every customer has one chance to change the pet sitter without charge after the meeting. The HK$200 deposit is non-refundable if you choose to cancel your reservation due to private reason.

In case of disputes, we reserve the rights to make the final decision.

Do you have other terms and conditions?

  • Client agrees to pay all pet sitting service fees to Pet Sitting Diary on or before the due date.
  • An administrative fee of HK$50 will be incurred for the below situations:
    1. Client can’t provide the key to the pet sitter in the initial greet & meet session and require the pet sitter to take the key in person on another day.
    2. At the end of the service, the client requires the pet sitter to pass the key on another day instead of the last day of the service.
  • To protect client and pet’s interests, if the assigned pet sitter can’t provide service due to emergency, we will pass the key to another pet sitter after gaining the client’s consent.
  • Pet Sitting Diary is not responsible for wilted, dead or unhealthy plants. Pet Sitting Diary will do their best to abide client’s written instructions as accurate as possible, but no responsibility will be taken by Pet Sitting Diary for any unfavourable result.
  • Pet Sitting Diary is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the control of the pet sitter. This includes but not limited to leaks, electrical issues and acts of nature. In these scenarios, the company will contact the client and then the emergency contact person before making any decision or action on tackling the problem. All repairs and related fees will be paid by the client or fully reimbursed to Pet Sitting Diary within 10 days.
  • To protect the client’s home safety, it is highly recommended to preserve their valuable belongings in a safe place to avoid any accidents. Our pet sitter promises to be as careful as possible when providing services. We suggest the client can also rent a camera from us if needed. In this way, the client can get to know the pet and house situation anytime and anywhere.
  • Client is responsible for ensuring the house environment is safe for their pets. All dangerous materials should be well hidden to avoid contact with pets. Fences or gates should be positioned at suitable places to prevent accidents from happening. Pet Sitting Diary will not be liable for injury, disappearance, death of the pets with unsupervised access to the outdoor due to insufficient house safety measures.
  • Client is responsible for supplying all necessities for taking care of their pets, including a pooper scooper, litter box, food, medicines, collar, and other possible necessities.
  • Client authorizes any purchases necessary to provide a satisfactory pet sitting service. Before making the purchase, Pet Sitting Diary will notice client in advance. Client agrees to pay for items purchased specifically for the needs of the pet sitting service and will reimburse Pet Sitting Diary within 10 days for all purchases made.
  • In case of Typhoon No. 8 or Black Rainstorm signal is raised, our pet sitter cannot guarantee to arrive at the client’s house at the previously agreed-upon time for the sake of their own safety. The pet sitter will arrive earlier or later at the same day to ensure the pets are well cared.
  • In case of any crisis or disaster occur, pet sitter will undoubtedly save your pets, but we cannot guarantee success.
  • Once client pays, it gives the right to Pet Sitting Diary’s pet sitter to enter the client’s home without additional contracts or written documents. The pet sitter will only visit your home during the service period.
  • Pet Sitting Diary reserves the right to terminate the service at any time, if the pet sitter determines that client’s pets put the sitter’s life or health at risk.
  • Pet Sitting Diary agrees to provide the service stated in this agreement in a reliable, professional and trustworthy manner. In consideration of the services as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against the company and its employees, except those claims are caused by negligence.
  • In case any of client’s pet(s) appears to be sick, injured or suffered from accidents that required to seek veterinary service during the pet sitting service, client gives permission to the pet sitter in charge to bring the pet(s) to the veterinary clinic or veterinarian. The pet sitter will notice you immediately and bring the pet to the designated vet clinic. If we cannot contact you, the pet sitter will make their own judgement according to the situation.
  • Client understands that the pet sitter in charge has done their best to prevent accidents and pet injuries, and such issues may arise no matter how well a pet is cared for. Client agrees that Pet Sitting Diary and the pet sitter have no responsibility for any result caused by the actions and decisions of the veterinary staff about the health or death of the related pet(s). Client agrees to take full responsibility for the payment incurred in the veterinary service, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, medical supplies and boarding. Client also agrees to be responsible for all fees incurred during the entire process that include but not limited to transportation, supervision, hiring emergency care provider. These fees need to be reimbursed to Pet Sitting Diary within 10 days of each incident.
  • Client further has the responsibility to notice Pet Sitting Diary and the pet sitter of any signs of injuries or possible illness as soon as the condition appears. Pet Sitting Diary reserves the right to cancel the service at any time if the pets are in an infectious condition or potentially infectious condition.
  • Once client pays, it means that client understood and accepted all the terms and conditions stated above.


A 30 mins free meeting is granted. WhatsApp 5378 2795 for more details!

Angela is so professional, caring and responsible, I trust her completely with my dog. I really appreciate the regular updates, pictures and videos!

Preetha VS

Great Service and highly recommend! In my 4 days trip , Ka Yu help me to walk with my two dogs every morning , my dogs love her so much!

Max Wong

They provide reliable and 5 stars services. Highly recommended.

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