Pet Sitting Diary provides puppy training course in Hong Kong.

A dog in young age finds learning and accepting new things a thousand times easier than in adult age. Without a doubt, it’s the best timing to instill the right concept and shape the wanted behaviour in puppyhood. Therefore, puppy training is always regarded as crucial and indispensable.

Besides, having early temperament training can significantly influence the mental development of a dog. An owner has the responsibility to make sure your puppy is receiving the proper education like sending your kid to the kindergarten to expose them to all the things they should know.

We provide training on basic commands, home-manner and proper socialisation with dogs and humans. Having appropriate learning goes a long way towards establishing a puppy’s confidence and shaping positive character. As a result, it keeps them satisfied and balanced for the rest of their life.

For more information please call us at 5378 2795.

How we work


    Tell us your dog’s background information and what training target you want to achieve.


    The class schedule is flexible. You can discuss your preferred training time slot with the dog trainer.


    Prior to the commencement of the lesson, you need to provide at least one short video to the trainer which displays the dog’s behavioural issue. This helps the dog trainer to accurately evaluate the dog’s problem and develop a training plan accordingly.


    The training will take place at your home or where the problem arises.


    You are welcome to raise questions and discuss with your dog trainer, we promise to provide our best help to you.


Target: Dog aged 6 months or below

Duration: 60 mins for each lesson

Price: $600 per hour

Course Content:

  • How to redirect chewing & biting behaviour
  • Basic commands & tricks
  • Potty training
  • Proper socialisation with dog and human
  • Dog knowledge e.g. nutrition & first aid
  • Dog psychology
Puppy without proper education could ultimately be a timebomb of your family.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to WhatsApp or call 5378 2795 for more details! Our dog trainers will be here to help.

Angela has been helping us to train our 9 months old yorkie. She’s very knowledgable and experienced with animals. Very soon after she arrived during our first class, our dog was already much more well behaved. She also followed up with us in between the classes, sharing more tips to help us improve our home training and always super encouraging. I hope our dog will learn fast enough!

Janet Chan


My boy didn’t take it too well after staying at the dog hotel twice and his behaviour changed dramatically so we stopped travelling ever since.

Thanks to the Pet Sitting Diary, we could have a little get away. Angela visited us once before the service and noted down all the details. At first we were a bit worried if Keung was too difficult to deal with coz he got anxious easily but Angela handled him perfectly . We received very detail updates instantly everytime she arrived our flat until right before she left.

Angela also shared with us the dog walking technique that we could probably look into for Keung. She’s professional, caring and very patient . So glad we found the Pet Sitting Diary and met Angela. We are no longer grounded 

Sue Ann Law

Although we have read many books about dog training, it’s never easy to practice with our 4-month-old puppy. After the first lesson, our pup have already succeeded in potty training! It’s magic! Also, we learnt how to instruct the over-energetic puppy to stay calm and behave.

Angela is so willing to share her knowledge and experience with us, I can see our puppy will be growing into a well-mannered dog  Thank you Angela for her professionalism and patience!

LLyy La