Wedding Pet Care Service

Wedding is one of the biggest events in our life. Who else could imagine the most important furry one from missing it? Let us be your wedding pet assistant and make whatever in your mind come true. With our wedding pet care service, your pets will be included in your wedding ceremony with all-rounded care.

Why Use Wedding Pet Care Service?

Everyone is delighted to be there to celebrate your big day, so do the dog. It is often seen that dog get overexcited e.g. jumpy and barky in such a joyful and hyper atmosphere. Having a professional dog carer to supervise and manage the dog would definitely help smoothing the entire event at the same time everyone including the dog can fully participate in and enjoy this amazing party!

It’s quite embarrassing to ask your friends or relatives to sacrifice their time to puppysit and clean up after your dog. Even if one of them is willing to take up this responsibility, no one can guarantee to give full attention to your dog from the beginning to the end of the event. Even worse, the dazzling outfit may easily get dusty when caring the dog. 

Having considered the above, hire a wedding pet assistant as your helping hand in managing and supervising your dog while you, your friends and your family can enjoy the time. You can take great photos and videos with your dogs without worry of any interruption made by the dog. Now, we are here as your best solution.

We do all the pet-related care work for you such as transport, feed, play, walk, dress up, clean up, exercise and cuddle. We suggest owner to prepare the pet’s favourite treats and toys to keep them occupied and behaviour under control. 

All wedding is exclusive and extraordinary. To streamline your wedding ceremony, you are advised to give a rundown or briefing to our staff, so they know exactly what to do. 

We look forward to joining your wedding party with your furry members. 

Before The Wedding

You can also reserve our pet grooming service the day before the wedding so your pet is going to have the best shape shown in the wedding day.

For more details, you can visit our pet grooming page.

Honeymoon Arrangement

While you are having a vacation out of town with your partner, your pets will stay at their own home where they consider it as the best place and our professional pet sitter will visit and care them in a regular on-time basis. 

For more details, you can visit our dog caring or cat sitting service as well as overnight pet sitting pages.

How we work


    You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, Email, Service Reservation Form, WhatsApp or call us at 5378 2795. Please tell us your service venue, date, time duration and pet information.


    Based on the information you provided, we will arrange the most suitable pet sitter for you.

  • 3. Pay & Reserve

    Your reservation is confirmed once it is paid.


    Please communicate the rundown with the pet sitter in advance, so he / she can cooperate according to your instruction.


    You are recommended to give pet sitter the dog’s favourite food and toy to get the dog’s attention and behaviour under control.

Service Prices

The price is to be discussed. Please contact 5378 2795 for more details. Or please send us a service reservation form including your wedding information, we will contact you in 24 hours after receiving it. Thanks!


Please feel free to WhatsApp or call 5378 2795 for more details! Our pet carers will be here to help.