Pet Grooming Service


Grooming is more than just about beautifying your pets, it’s also an essential part of their overall health and wellness. Grooming at home serves both purposes perfectly.

Home is always the most comfortable and safe place for your pets. It provides your pets with a sense of security. This secured feeling significantly reduces the level of stress of your pets. Dogs and cats will be much easier to enjoy the grooming process at home than anywhere else. Home grooming is a healthier and happier choice for your pet.

Grooming pets at home is also a better choice for owners. You can save your time bringing your dog or cat to the grooming shop and just simply wait for the arrival of our pet groomer. What’s more, our grooming service allows you to observe or even participate in the grooming process if you want.


For pets who have already developed severe fear toward the grooming activities, we suggest owners and pets enrolling in our one-hour training class before the grooming service actually begins. The class covers how to desensitize your pets from different grooming tasks in order to ease your pet’s stress and make your pets more acceptable and tolerant to the grooming process. We do not recommend forcing pets to groom as this will only make the next grooming session even harder. We are sure that our qualified trainer will be happy to teach your pets how to enjoy the grooming process. By proper training, you can turn the pets from hate to love grooming. It’s all about psychology!


  1. Pets may feel anxious to groom at an unfamiliar place. This is especially true for senior pets or pets who are sensitive to environmental change.
  2. What if the previous pet is sick? If the shopkeeper didn’t recognize it or didn’t completely sanitize all tools and the environment, your pet could be infected.

That’s why, we initiate the home pet grooming service in the hope of preventing the above consequences from recurring to your beloved family members.


All our pet groomers are qualified and professional. They are experienced in caring for different kinds of dogs and cats in various tempers. Our services include bathing, nail trimming, oral caring, ear cleaning and hair cutting. For oral care service, we have ordinary teeth brushing service and anesthesia-free dental care service. The grooming time duration may vary from case to case. Therefore, we suggest the owner reserving 1 to 3 hours for the groomer to beautify your pets. Our groomer will also do the cleanup work for you after grooming your pets.


In order to provide you and your pet with superior service, please make your reservation at least one week in advance. We take time to understand your needs and prepare everything well before delivering the grooming service.

Our home pet grooming service covers most districts in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The service prices are listed below. Please scroll down. Also, please feel free to contact us for more details.

How we work


    You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, Email, Service Reservation Form, WhatsApp at 5378 2795. Please tell us your pet’s weight, breed, age and what grooming service you need.


    Based on the information you provided, we will arrange the most suitable pet groomer for you.

  • 3. Pay & Reserve

    Your reservation is confirmed once it is paid.


    Pet groomer brings the equipment, arrives your home and carries out the service at the reserved time.

Service Prices


$450 or above

Bath, Nail Trim

$550 or above

Bath, Nail Trim, Ear Clean

$600 or above

Bath, Nail Trim, Teeth Brush

$600 or above

Bath, Nail Trim, Teeth & Ear Clean

$650 or above

Anesthesia-free Dental Care

$850 or above

Hand Cut / Clipper Shave


*The above price apply to 1 pet only

*Rates may vary based on pet’s breed and weight

*For remote place or place with no elevator, extra charge may incur (price to be discussed)

*Special request e.g. massage and spa (price to be discussed)

*Special charge may inccur for pets who need extra care e.g. tangled hair or muddy fur

Pet Grooming At Home Examples
Pet Grooming At Home 2


How often should a dog/cat groom?

There is no absolute answer for this question. It depends on many factors such as frequency of hanging out, your dog or cat’s breed, weather, individual coat and skin condition.

In general, your dog is suggested to bathe once every month. If your dog is a long hair breed, consider grooming them more frequently than a short hair breed. We do not suggest bathing your dog every week as this may strip the natural oil at the coat and result in dry and irritating skin.

For cats, grooming is not a must for them. Most cats are able to clean themselves especially for short hair breeds. However, if your cat becomes sticky, smelly or oily, an all-rounded cat grooming session will be helpful to clean your cat thoroughly.

Is there anything I need to prepare for the pet groomer?

Pet owner should provide a neat place where offers stable water and electricity supply for grooming. Owner is also suggested to prepare shampoo and towel for their own pets. 

As different brands of shampoo can pose various effects to your pet’s coat and skin. For example, if your pet has dry and itchy skin, you are recommended to buy a shampoo with aloe and oatmeal ingredient that function to moisturise your dog dry skin and fur. 

For hygiene reason, we suggest owners to prepare towel and comb for your pets, so they can enjoy personal and exclusive tools in the grooming process.

Under what situations my dog is not suitable for anesthesia-free dental care?

If your dog has heart disease, respiratory disorder, coagulopathy, loose teeth, being aggressive to or may bite strangers, senior in age, your dog may not be suitable for anesthesia-free dental care.

What if my pets are super afraid of the grooming process?

With pets who have already developed severe fear of grooming, we suggest owners and pets to participate in our 1 hour pre-grooming training class. The class covers how to desensitise your pets from various grooming activities to make your pets more acceptable and tolerant to the grooming process. We do not want to force the pet to be groomed as this will only result in a more frightened pet. Grooming is supposed to be a happy experience, isn’t it? We want the pet to truly enjoy the process. By training, you can turn the pets from hate to love something. It’s all psychological!

Can I reserve the same groomer?

Yes, owners can choose the same groomer they have employed formerly. Therefore, pets do not need to spend extra time to get familiar with another person. However, if the designated groomer is occupied by other clients, owner can choose another time slot or we will arrange another groomer for you. No worry, they are all professional and experienced groomer who are well-trained.

Do you offer any service package?

Yes, we offer various pet grooming packages. Please contact us for more detail.

When & how to make payment?

Payment is due according to the due date listed in the service invoice. We accept cash, bank transfer and cheques.

How do you deal with emergency?

If there is any emergent issue, our pet groomer will contact you immediately and take action based on your instruction. If pet groomer cannot reach you, emergency contact person will be contacted. If no one can be contacted, pet groomer will make the best decision on his or her own.

How does your cancellation policy work?

To receive a 80% of paid refund, grooming appointments must be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the grooming service. For cancellation made within 48 hours, 50% of paid fee can be refund. If you would like to reschedule the appointment, there will be $50 of rescheduling fee.


Please feel free to WhatsApp 5378 2795 for more details! Our pet groomers will be here to help.