Dear Pet Parents,


Pet Sitting Diary was established in 2016. Our mission is to provide continuous-advancing-quality service to pets in caring, grooming and training aspects.

We value pet’s quality of life. From pet’s perspective, there is no place in the world better than their own home. That’s why we advocate home pet caring.

As all pet owners do, we pamper your pets as our own family members. This is not a slogan but a “company spirit”. We do respect and learn from animal about their integrity and sincerity. Animal world is simple: You happy, they happy. Therefore, we choose to pay back to pets by serving them with our whole heart and everything. We uphold our high-quality service by designing a tailor-made caring and grooming plan for each pet. With our pet sitting and grooming services, your pets will be under all-rounded cares. And you can enjoy your trip or focus on your job with peace of mind.

We also provide dog training service. If you find your dog is having behavioural issue, please feel free to contact us. We will rehabilitate your dog and YOU.

Sam & Angela

Sam and Angela and their pets. Angela got a shiba inu and a domestic cat while Sam got a domestic cat.
Sam and Angela and their pets. Angela got a shiba inu and a domestic cat while Sam got a domestic cat.

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Pet Sitting Diary has been featured in 13 media, award winning and recognized by multiple international Pet organizations.

Introduction of Pet Sitting Diary

Pet Sitting Diary was established in 2016. Our aim is to provide the best pet care & dog train services in Hong Kong. What we mean the best here is to tailor-made each caring, grooming and training plan to suit the needs of each pet. Over the years, we have already served hundreds and thousands of pets which further consolidate our place in the market. Through providing pet caring, grooming and dog training services, we hope that all pets are living at home enjoyably under our care and we would like to build a bridge between “bad dogs” and the dog owners to alive their relationship.

We are also thrilled to the excellent feedbacks from our clients about our dog training service. We successfully helped to solve their dogs’ behavioural problems as well as consolidated the bonding between pet owners and dogs. We hope dog training service could help reduce the rate of abandonment and create harmony human-dog life.

Grooming is supposed to be an enjoyable experience to pet rather than being tolerant and frightened. Therefore, we combine the idea of training and grooming services in one unit. Through exposing the pets to different stimulations step by step, the pets should be able to accustomed to the grooming process and show calmness after a period of time. 

Throughout the years, we have encountered different kinds of pets. Each of them is unique. Every single interaction with them is precious and joyful. One of the pet sitter’s duty is to take pictures and videos to capture the great moments and share them to pet owners. Hence, even if you are not next to your pets, our daily update is like a diary to tell you how your pets are doing. This is where our name “PET SITTING DIARY” comes from. On the other hand, our Chinese name is 香港專業寵物保姆, which indicates that we perform the pet caring duty in a professional manner.

Pet Sitting Diary established since 2016
Pet Sitting Diary established since 2016
We have taken care of hundreds of different types of pets in the past few years.There are many smiling pet faces in this picture.

Customers Like Our Services


Pet Sitting Diary is expanding through client referrals and excellent user experience. We have continuously gained recognition from our clients. You can find our ratings on our Facebook Page and Google Reviews. We are very grateful to have our customers’ trust and support. To maintain our service quality, we always focus on the quality of our staff and provide rapid service support to all of our customers.


We look for candidates who are experienced in taking care of animals, have work experience in pet-related industry and, most importantly, a good personality. Before hiring, a background check will be done to ensure the person fits in with our company requirements and culture. Internal training is also provided to ensure they have the necessary skill set to perform the jobs.


We are always here to listen, communicate and provide assistance to our customers whenever you need. We have developed several effective communication channels for you so that you can contact us easily. You can contact us through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, contact form, or send email to [email protected]. We will reply to you and get your doubts solved in a timely manner.

We have taken care of hundreds of different types of pets in the past few years.There are many smiling pet faces in this picture.


Founders of Pet Sitting Diary (Sam & Angela)

Hello, we are Sam and Angela, the founders of Pet Sitting Diary. Nice to meet you!

Home pet sitting service has become an increasing trend around the world. This service has been widely accepted and requested by pet owners. This is simply because pets are our family members. Therefore, people are looking for professional and quality pet-care solutions to provide good care for their pets when they are busy at work or go on a trip.

Sam is a cat owner and has more than 10 years of experience in raising cats. His love to pets and personality of craving new pet knowledge had driven him to enter the pet sitting industry. He has been a pet sitter for more than 6 years. With continuous learning and practical experiences, he is proficient in taking care of different kinds of pets especially those with medication and injection needs.

Angela has been surrounded by animals since she was a toddler. She has grown up with dogs, cats, rabbits, and fishes. These had lightened her spirit of working with animals from a very young age. In order to visualise her dream and become a pet care professional, she had worked as a pet groomer, pet shop handler, cat sitter and dog walker for the past 8 years. In addition to pet care, she has embarked on her dog training journey since 2017. Up to now, she had helped more than hundreds of dogs to correct their behaviours and stay balanced & happy.

What we have achieved to date would not come true without the efforts of our wonderful team. Let’s take a look at their introductions below.


WhatsApp 5378 2795 for more details! We would love to hear from you!


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