Pet Sitting Diary provides cat sitting service in Hong Kong.


Cats love routine. This statement appears to be more true when we are talking about domestic feline as most of them lack experience of leaving home. Hence, home cat sitting is the best solution for your feline companion.

On the contrary, boarding means forced removal from their familiar home and being moved to an unknown place. Cats are independent creatures. They are used to living in their own territory. Yet, the boarding facility may be packed with different types of animals nearby. This can put your cat under huge psychological pressure and even lead to physical sickness from the hygiene situation. Apart from that, many previous boarding users have reported that their cats refused to eat during the boarding period as they did not trust the environment. Some owners further mentioned their cats display unusual behaviour and personality changes after a short period of boarding. This is not surprising as it’s apparently an abandonment in your cat’s eyes.


The cat sitting service starts with an initial meeting. The meeting takes place at your home so it allows you, your cat and the cat sitter to acquaint with each other. Through the meeting, you can introduce the cat sitter with all the necessary cat caring information and gain a deeper insight about the pet sitter’s qualifications and experience to reassure you that your cat is in good and reliable hands.

On the service date, the cat sitter will visit your home to provide care, playtime, and attention to your cat according to your reserved time to ensure your cat’s routine remains unchanged. A head-to-tail check up will also be done on every visit to make sure your cat is in perfect state. Photo & video updates about your cat’s current status will also be provided. As a result, you can have a worry-free trip or holiday while your cat is receiving excellent care with our professional cat sitter. Additionally, your cat can enjoy its own time in your home after the cat sitter leaves.


Some may depend on an auto feeder or seek help from friends or relatives to “keep their pets alive”. They seem to be fine solutions. However, when you think deeper, you will figure out that they are not available options. Machines are often out of expectations. What if it doesn’t work suddenly? On the other hand, you can’t ask too much from your friends or relatives, they come to help, but are not obligated to serve. Therefore, quality is not assured. Here comes the pet sitting service with which your cat can stay at home with reliable and safe pamper.

During the service, we also provide frequent updates to you about your cat’s status. You are also encouraged to set up a camera at home to watch over how your cat is interacting with our pet sitter. If you do not have a camera, you can rent it from us.

The following are the services included in every visit. We will do our best to accommodate your request if there is something not written below.

Provide Food & Water
Basic Grooming
Play & Accompany
Scoop Cat Litter
Watering Plants
Medication Treatment (if needed)
Take Out The Trash
Pick Up Mail/Newspaper
Daily Updates with Text, Photos & Videos

How we work


    You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, Email, Service Reservation Form, WhatsApp or call us at 5378 2795. Please tell us your required service period, time duration for every visit and pet information.


    Based on the information you provided, we will arrange the most suitable pet sitter for you.

  • 3. MEET & GREET

    A free meeting will be launched between you and the pet sitter at your home prior to the commencement of the service to further communicate the pet’s caring details.

  • 4. HERE YOU GO

    If you are comfortable with the assigned pet sitter, the service will be reserved after you have signed the service contract and made full payment.

Service Prices

Initial Meeting


30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


75 mins


90 mins


105 mins


120 mins


* The above pricing is up to 2 pets. $20 will be charged for each additional pet.

# Travel fee could be incurred. The amount could be varied according to your living area.

Webcam Renting Service

Our webcam renting service is HK$60 per day. The following showcases its multiple functions:

  • Talk to your pets: A small microphone chip is embedded in the webcam that allows two way communications between you and your pets so you can interact with your pets at anytime and anywhere.
  • Video sending: If you are busy at the moment and wish to check out your pet’s activities, you can set up a timer to record a video. After recording, it will be sent to your mobile device automatically. Then, you can check it out when you are free.
  • Security: If you are curious of how our pet sitter is interacting with your pets, you are welcome to rent a camera from us for a peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: Once the webcam connects to your home wifi, it can be placed at anywhere with electricity supplies.


A 30-min free meeting is granted. WhatsApp or call 5378 2795 for more details!

Sam is the best! We were nervous at first to leave our cat alone but we feel so comfortable leaving him now with Sam. Sam takes such good care of our cat and we really appreciate the pictures and updates he sends on each visit. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Kris Desrosiers

Great service from a trustworthy cat sitter! Thank you!

Frankie Fong

Very professional service, highly recommended. They asked all the right questions and even anticipated my needs. My cats loved Angela and I trust they are safe with her.

Mari Marcondes