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Wally - March 2017

Pet Sitting diary welcome Wally to join our big family. Nice to meet you!

Wally is a 4 month old puppy. Little Wally is featured by his soft yellow fluffy coat. What makes him much more adorable is his floppy ears and enormous eyes. Don’t you melted by his cuteness?  

Little Wally got a super playful personality. He loves his toy so much. His favourite game is playing tug of war. He is very persistent about winning the game. He would never give up or concede. He tried to spend all his energy to pull the toy. To help building his confidence, we would sometimes let him to win the game and pretend we are out of energy. He seems really enjoy the victory and seeing us tired out. After having lots of fun, he knew it’s time to rest, he would lie down on his tiny cozy bed and begin to fall into a sweet dream.

We thought Wally must be excited and energetic about his first night being here. But out of expectation, he was behaving good and independent. Perhaps we had played with him for such a long period of time which consumed most of his energy before his bedtime. That explained why he slept the whole night until the next morning. He sometimes slept with his feets up and head on the edge of the bed. On the next morning, he would always greet me by a hungry and smiley face. Then, he looked at his bowl and turned to me. Aww, he knew how to control me by cuteness. I just can’t hold myself but fall into his trap. Yeah, let’s have the delicious breakfast then.    

Wally’s appetite was super great. He was eating the food rapidly. He normally finished all his food and emptied the bowl within 5 minutes. After having his meal, he would go potty on the pet sheet by himself. He is really well trained. Good boy!

The check out date came quick. We are not ready to say goodbye to Wally. He brought lots of joy and laughter to our family. We treasure every single moment of having Wally staying with us. But it’s time for Wally to go back to his owner’s home. We will always miss Wally, and we welcome big big Wally to visit us next time!

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