Tong Yuen

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Tong Yuen - Jan 2017 onwards

Tong Yuen is a super adorable and playful boy who is featured by white flur and large size. I was always attracted by his cutie face and would cuddle him whenever I meet him. He is always friendly to me. No matter when he finds me, he will jump on me and kiss my lip. So sweet. Haha.

My main responsibility is to bring Tong Yuen out to consume his unlimited energy. He could go hiking and jogging  for 2 hours without getting tired. Moreover, he is quite persistent as he would only poop at a specific place only. If you don’t walk him through that place, he will hold his poop for the entire day. After finding that place, I never miss his poop again.

This cute boy is building his stardust and popularity rapidly. Everytime when I brought Tong Yuen out, people passed by would praise him and said he was so handsome and cute. Lots of people just can’t endure his cuteness and had no choice but to patted him. I am so glad to hang out with Tong Yuen.


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