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Siu Gut - June 2016 

Siu Gut is an orange exotics cat featured by his horse-like tail and adorable baby face. I would describe that he had a “purrfect” character as he always purrs at me when I massage his cheek, neck and head.

The entire 5 days pet sitting process was quite dramatic. He was a bit shy in the beginning. For the first visit, he tends to keep distance from me when I approached him. It is understandable as I was a newcomer to him and that’s normal for him to felt insecure. But with tender loving care and patience, he was willing to open up his heart. He tried to stalk me and rub my leg for my third visit. I was excited and relieved about his changes. More importantly, these changes indicated that he finally accepted me as his caretaker or even buddy.

Besides, Mr Siu Gut is a picky eater (or maybe he was just missing his owner and having bad appetite). For the first two visits, he had only eaten half bowl of the dry food I gave.  Fortunately, his appetite had come back after I cooked the instant meal for him. Being attracted by the warm and delicious scent, he ate his meal quickly. At last, no food was left in the bowl.

I am so glad that I can meet Siu Gut on 2017 January again. When I opened the door, he kept meowing to me as if he was grumbling why I did not visit him for a long time. I was impressed by his amazing memory that he actually remember who I am. He then expressed his miss by purring continuously. And I responded him by blinking softly to him. In the cat world, blinking eyes softly and slowly means “I love you.” And he responded me by giving me a single blink, which is an expression of his love to me, with a bit of coolness though. Haha.

Siu Gut is always my best furry friend. Although we only know each other for a short period of time, I believe that we are already linked with bond and trust. I would also like to say “thanks” to (the pet owner) for giving me this joyful and unforgettable experience.

Hope to maintain this friendship with Siu Gut and meet you again soon.

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