Dog Walking

Exercising at outdoor is crucial for maintaining your dog's physical fitness and psychological health. With our dog walking service, our pet sitter will walk your dog at your specified time and route. Today, no matter how busy you are,  you can rely on our high quality service to give the best to your dog. The following are the services included with every visit. We will do our best to accommodate you if there is something not included here.

Pet sitter will provide food and fresh water to the pet(s)

Provide food and water

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Give fresh water to the dog during the walk

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Play in dog park

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Clean up the dog's poop

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Clean up the dog's body and paws after the walk

Pet sitter may provide medication treatment to your pets

Medication treatment (if needed)

Watering plants

Pet sitter may pick up mail and newspaper for pet owner

Pick up mail/newspaper

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Daily updates with pet photos

Price list

30 mins for $170 ($9 for each additional 5 mins)
  • 35 mins for $179
  • 40 mins for $188
  • 45 mins for $197
  • 50 mins for $206
  • 55 mins for $215
60 mins for $220 ($6 for each additional 5 mins)
  • 65 mins for $226
  • 70 mins for $232
  • 75 mins for $238
  • 80 mins for $244
  • 85 mins for $250
90 mins for $255 ($5 for each additional 5 mins)
  • 95 mins for $260
  • 100 mins for $265
  • 105 mins for $270
  • 110 mins for $275
  • 115 mins for $280
  • 120 mins for $285
  • 125 mins for $290
  • 130 mins for $295
  • 135 mins for $300
  • 140 mins for $305
  • 145 mins for $310
  • 150 mins for $315
  • 155 mins for $320
  • 160 mins for $325
  • 165 mins for $330
  • 170 mins for $335
  • 175 mins for $340
  • 180 mins for $345

The above pricing is up to 2 pets. $25 will be charged for each additional pet.

Travel fee is not charged if the round trip costs less than $20. The difference will be charged if over $20 until the maximum of $15. An example of travel fee policy in FAQ page.

Pet Sitting Diary

Thanks so much Angela ! Always very prompt reply to my msg and very detail real-time report, many photos or videos. You did take my worry away a lot by well communication. Thanks and I really appreciate !

Pet Sitting Diary

Excellent service and very professional. Angela took very good care of our dogs during our brief 2-day trip. She is very good with animals, even our very shy dog warmed up to her. We will definitely ask Angela to help us pet sit in the future. Highly recommended!!

Pet Sitting Diary

Professional service and highly recommended. Angela helped to take care of my cats when I was on a 5 day trip. She managed to complete every task I asked for and sent me detailed photos and videos every time after the service. This really eased my worries about my cats when I was not in Hong Kong. I am very glad I discovered their service before I went on trip and my cats could stay at home where they felt most comfortable. Once again, thank you for the excellent and outstanding service !!

Pet Sitting Diary


Pet Sitting Diary

誤打誤撞下認識香港專業寵物保姆既服務!保姆姐姐一次既面談已詳細紀錄、了解2隻狗狗脾性、日常習慣!服務期間,由入屋至離開,餵食、加水、清潔、玩樂都會影相、拍片紀錄! 令外出旅行既我地都好放心將2隻狗狗交比你地照顧! 感激遇到你~ 多謝曬專業既你地呢幾日為我照顧Coffee & 小B!

Pet Sitting Diary

Very good and professional and easy to deal with. Made us feel very relaxed knowing there's someone taking care and playing with our puppy while we're away. Highly recommended.

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