Puppy Training course

Puppy Training Course


A dog in young age finds learning and accepting new things a thousand times easier than in adult age. Without a doubt, it’s the best timing to instill the right concept and shape the wanted behaviour in puppyhood. Therefore, puppy training is always regarded as crucial and indispensable.

Besides, having early temperament training can significantly influence the mental development of a dog. Owner has the responsibility to make sure the puppy is receiving proper education like sending your kid to the kindergarten to expose them to all the things they should know.

We provide training on basic commands, home-manner and proper socialisation with dogs and human. Having appropriate learning goes a long way towards establishing puppy’s confidence and shaping positive character. As a result, it keeps them satisfied and balanced for the rest of their life.

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  • Basic commands & tricks
  • Potty training
  • Proper socialisation with dog and human
  • How to redirect chewing behaviour
  • Dog knowledge e.g. nutrition & first aid
  • Dog psychology


Target: Dog aged 6 months or below

Duration: 60 mins each lesson

Price: $600 per hour