Obedience Training course

obedience training course


We bet every dog owner agrees the following three things:

“First, prevention is a million times better than cure. Second, a dog is never happy when they got behavioural issue themselves. Third, your life will definitely be ruined when the dog has problem.”

You might be thinking your dog is behaving great at this point. But the question is could the wanted behaviour last forever? It depends on how well you fulfill their needs. In essence, their genuine needs are leadership and reward. This training course helps the owner understands how to establish and stabilise the leadership position in the dog’s perspective as well as how to give rewards at the right time to reinforce the wanted behaviour. When you satisfy the dog’s needs constantly, the dog's good behaviour will last forever.

By participating in the course, you will enjoy a great deal of fun while creating a stronger bonding with your dog. Most importantly, it helps to prevent unwanted behaviour from occurring in the future. Eventually, the dog can fit in your lifestyle perfectly.

Undoubtedly, encouraging a good behaviour is easier than correcting a bad behaviour. Why not take a shot at our obedience training course? Reach us by calling 5378 2795, we are more than happy to listen to your thoughts and answer your questions.

Course Content

  • Basic etiquette & manner
  • Master the walk 
  • Proper socialisation with dogs and human 
  • Grooming calmly (e.g. nail cutting & teeth brushing)
  • Dog psychology

Course Information

Target: Canine aged 12 months or above

Duration: 60 mins each lesson

Price: $900 per hour