Dog Training

dog training

Many times, dog owners ask “Why my dog becomes bad?”  Our response is “They are not fulfilled.”

We are here to fulfill dog’s needs and fix the behavioral problem by teaching you to think and act from a dog’s perspective. We adopt positive reinforcement dog training method that allows your dog to enjoy the learning process. Our dog training programme is on a one-on-one basis. The dog trainer will solely focus on your dog and tailor design a training plan according to your dog’s needs. Each dog is unique and requires a combination of various training methods, tools, and energy to accomplish the training goal. By using a series of purposive training exercises, the dog can be mentally and physically stimulated.

Our dog training programmes aim to shape a well-behaved & happy dog that could fit in your lifestyle.

Puppy training

Purpose: Build good behaviour and confidence at an early age

Target: Puppies aged 11 months or below

Course: 60 mins each lesson

Obedience training

Purpose: Prevent unwanted behaviour from happening

Target: Canine aged 12 months or above

Course: 60 mins each lesson

Dog Behaviour correcting

Purpose: Modify undesirable canine behaviour

Target: Canine with behavioral problems

Course: 60 mins each lesson