Dog Sitting

Dog sitting

Your dog will stay at your home and being cared by our professional dog sitter while you are away. A personalised caring plan will be developed based on your requirements to make sure your dog’s routine would be remained as usual. Hence, your dog can live comfortably and safely at home. The following are the services included with every visit. We will do our best to accommodate you if there is something not included here.

Pet sitter will provide food and fresh water to the pet(s)

Provide food and water

Pet sitter will clean up the poop and the pet toilet

Clean dog droppings

Pet Sitter will clean up the garbage

Take out the trash

Pet sitter can provide basic pet grooming

Basic grooming

Watering plants

Pet sitter may pick up mail and newspaper for pet owner

Pick up mail/newspaper

Pet sitter will play with your pet(s)

Play and accompany

Pet sitter may provide medication treatment to your pets

Medication treatment (if needed)

Pet sitter will update photos to owner via smartphone

Daily updates with text messages and pet photos

Dog sitting price

30 mins for $160 ($9 for each additional 5 mins)
  • 35 mins for $169
  • 40 mins for $178
  • 45 mins for $187
  • 50 mins for $196
  • 55 mins for $205
60 mins for $210 ($6 for each additional 5 mins)
  • 65 mins for $216
  • 70 mins for $222
  • 75 mins for $228
  • 80 mins for $234
  • 85 mins for $240
90 mins for $245 ($5 for each additional 5 mins)
  • 95 mins for $250
  • 100 mins for $255
  • 105 mins for $260
  • 110 mins for $265
  • 115 mins for $270
  • 120 mins for $275
  • 125 mins for $280
  • 130 mins for $285
  • 135 mins for $290
  • 140 mins for $295
  • 145 mins for $300
  • 150 mins for $305
  • 155 mins for $310
  • 160 mins for $315
  • 165 mins for $320
  • 170 mins for $325
  • 175 mins for $330
  • 180 mins for $335

The above pricing is up to 2 pets. $20 will be charged for each additional pet.

Camera renting service

Simple setup, multi-functions

The webcam connects to your Wi-Fi router through the free webcam app in your mobile device (iOS or Android).


1. Talk to your pets: The webcam embeds a small microphone chip that allows two way communications between you and your pets. In this way, you can interact with your pets at anytime and anywhere.

2. Video sending: If you are busy but still want to watch your pet’s movement, you can set up the timer for video recording. Then, the webcam will record a short video clip and send it to your mobile device automatically. You can then check out your pet’s movement when you are free.

3. Security: Our pet sitters are professional and animal lovers. However, we suggest you to rent a camera and put it at your home if you are curious of how our pet sitter is going to care your pets.

Price list:

During the service^ Whole day service*
$50 $60

^ The time of webcam renting is depending on the pet sitting service’s duration that you choose from (e.g. If your chosen pet sitting service lasts for 35 mins, the webcam will be placed at your home for 35 mins). Regardless of how long the pet sitting service duration is, the price will be remained the same.

* The camera places at your home throughout the whole pet sitting period (e.g. If your chosen pet sitting service is from 10th Sept to 13th Sept, the webcam will be positioned at your home from 10th Sept to 13th Sept).


Pet Sitting Diary

第一次用貓保母服務,幫我解決了最擔心的食藥問題,kayu真的很細心和有交帶,天天匯報貓貓情況,貓貓在我的床上嘔吐,還幫我清潔得乾乾淨淨,去完6天旅行返來,貓貓仲重咗添,今次出外旅遊,找到呢間pet sitting真是不錯,下次再有需要,都會再選擇使用你們😃這6天多謝kayu的照顧和幫忙

Pet Sitting Diary

This is our second time to use Pet Sitting Diary. Thanks for Sam to take good care of my Cat (Siu Fu) for 7 Days. He is very professional and responsible person. He took many pictures to send us and reported every visits in details to us. We felt relieved and happy on all he have done for my Cat. My cat was seems happy and like Sam. We definitely recommend this company to everyone who wants to look for good pet Sitters.

Pet Sitting Diary

It was the first time we used their service for our cat. Their services were very careful and polite. Sam sent us lots of picture and details of caring our cat for 4 days. Our cat is super shy, but he took care of our cat gently, so we could travel without anxiety. We would absolutely use their service again next time. Thank you so much!

Pet Sitting Diary

Very professional And my dog charlie is being well taken care of! And the thing i like most is they will send u pictures and video of your pet, which made me feel connected Can see charlie very happy with the carer, in my case, tina! Thanks so much for your help And alleviate my worries!

Pet Sitting Diary

We have used Pet Sitting Diary quite a lot this year! They are an excellent service. Reliable, honest, kind to our cat and well priced. If you need your pet cared for when you are away, call these guys!!!!

Pet Sitting Diary

上來教我隻狗冷静啲 上完黎之後我隻狗乖左好多 不過可能因為我隻狗仲係幼犬 所以有時都仲係好頑皮 教既野好實用 必须持之以恆 世上無教唔到既狗 只有無耐性既主人

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