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Bird Sitting -  December 2016

To be honest, this is the first time for me to work on bird sitting. Therefore, lots of homework and research had been done to get myself prepared.

According to the owner, these 2 birds haven’t got a name. So just let me call them cute birds instead. One of them has blue bright feather with sociable personality. Another bird has black and grey feather with shy personality. The caring tasks were simple but require skills. I was told to throw away the leftover and replenish the food and fresh water. Bird, as a prey animal, they are wary to strangers. In order to reduce their stress level, I approached them with slow action and looked at them with only one eye so as to make myself feel less like a predator. These skills seems working. On the third day of my visit, both of them looked less threatening to my presence. Rather than finding place to hide, they stood on their perch comfortably and ate their food in front of me.

From this bird sitting experience, I have figured out that the design and structure of the bird’s mouth was magnificent. In the second visit, I discovered that they have not eaten the food I gave yesterday. Therefore. I was so worry that I immediately told their owner that they have not eaten for 1 day. Hopefully, it was only a misunderstanding. I was told to relax and watch carefully in their food pellets. I found out that even though the amount of food remained the same, the food pellets had actually been broken into pieces. That is how I realized that they could use their mouth to broke the pellet and ate the chewable part in the food.

Nice to meet two cute and beautiful birds. And I do found their singing voice lovely. So look forward to seeing them again.

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