Mui Mui

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Dog walking with Mui Mui in dog park Doing yoga with Mui Mui during dog sitting

Mui Mui - From June 2010 onword

Don’t be surprised to meet my 6 years old teacher - Mui Mui. She is a 6 years old doggie that teaches me with lots of life philosophy. In these 6 years, she had taught me what is love, patience, mutual respect and responsibility.

We have been through lots of special moments. We laugh and cry together. And I deeply believe that she knows what my inner thought was as she neither behave bad nor troublesome. She always sits quietly beside me at home. Moreover, she always walks calmly beside me during the dog walk. It is not exaggerating to say that we can read each other’s mind only with one eye contact.

To provide her with better quality of life, I have started learning lots of pet-related knowledge which include pet sitting, grooming and training. Being grown up and exposed in an animal environment, I discovered that I extremely enjoy the time I spent with animals because they are loyal and true to human. That's why I have decided to devote myself in pet sitting industry and develop it as my lifelong career.

Patience. Benevolence. Thoughtfulness. Integrity

We always provide loving care to furry friends with patience, benevolence, thoughtfulness and integrity. Most of our customers are satisfied with our services. Please contact us if you need a professional to take care of your pets. We are the trusted partner of you and your pets.