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Dog walking with Lola

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Lola - Feb 2017

I believed that insecure dog is a challenge to every pet sitter since they are most likely not going to get along with strangers easily. Lola is one of the typical examples. He just simply doesn’t trust any unfamiliar face that he had never met before.

The process of developing bond with Lola is fantastic. At the beginning, he is not very willing to interact with our pet sitter. Under this situation, one of the doggies’ best friends - Snack - is time to show up. Our dog walkers utilised snacks as a tool to lure him. The snack did comfort him and finally he is more acceptable to our pet sitter. More importantly, he allowed us to sit beside him. As time goes by, he was approaching us by himself. He realized that pet sitter’s arrival means something positives, like foods and games.

Having a dog walk is another effective tool for building trust. When walking with Lola, our dog walker always kept Lola beside. In this way, he knew our walker is in a leader position and he felt being well-protected.

Half year passed, Lola needs our care again. This time, Lola was greeting our pet sitter by showing his tummy and wagging his tail. He just can’t wait for human contact and interactions. It was a tremendous change. We are so surprised and pleased that we can build up a solid relationship with Lola bit by bit.

With patience and suitable skills, interacting with insecure dogs are undoubtedly an achievable exercise.

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