Ling Ling & Faan Ke

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Ling Ling & Faan Ke - 2017 Dec

This is the second time we took care of Ling Ling & Faan Ke. Ling Ling is the Bernese Mountain. When I first met Ling Ling, my attention immediately put on her enormous and lively eyes. She is a gentle giant with very affectionate personality. This can be reflected by the time we arrived the owner’s house. She would walk towards our pet sitter with her tail wagged slowly to express her happiness. We can feel her calm and beautiful energy. 

Faan Ke made me impressive by her voice. She is the most talkative girl I had ever met. She usually “talks” from the beginning to the end of the pet sitting service process. Also, she has a very high pitch voice. Also, she is a doggy that listened well to verbal commands. She was very cooperative to all things we would like her to do. For example, she would go back to her sleeping area by herself only by saying “Go Back”. What really surprised us was she even knew how to open the fence door with her front paws. That made our job much more easier. 

During the walk, both of them behaved well. They were sociable and curious about other doggies. They would step a bit forward to sniff their friends. After making friends, hungry Faan Ke attempted to find any food-like stuff on the floor. Therefore, our pet sitter has put extra caution to prevent her from eating any unwanted items. After consuming adequate energy, our pet sitter brought Ling Ling & Faan Ke home for meal.

If we were asked the questions of what Faan Ke cares most in her life, undoubtedly, the answer is food. Food means everything to her. Once her food was in front of her, she would wolf down them within 1 mins. Unlike Ling Ling, she tasted and enjoyed her food bite by bite. The funniest thing that I can’t hold my laugh was Faan Ke would come to double check whether her sister Ling Ling had left some food for her. Unfortunately, Ling Ling emptied her bowl every time and left nothing for Faan Ke. Faan Ke had no choice but to leave the refreshment area with a disappointed face. 

We are so lucky to meet the two gorgeous girls, Ling Ling & Faan Ke. They brought us with lots of hilarious memory and tons of joy. Thanks again for choosing our service. 


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