Kevin, Raymond, Sam and Goldfishes

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Kevin, Raymond, Sam and Goldfishes - Sept 2017

Recently, we met Kevin, Sam, Raymond and some goldfishes. Let’s get to know their story!

Kevin (the doggy) is very outgoing. He always enjoys having an outdoor walk. When I picked up the water bottle and leash, he knew it’s time to go out. He showed his excitement by sitting in front of the main door to hurry me. Once we stepped out of the building, he usually walked very fast to find a place for pees and poops. Sometimes, Kevin was so engrossed in his walk and didn’t aware of the surroundings. As a reliable dog walker, pet’s safety is always my primary concern. If he didn’t aware of it, I will do it for him. That’s the reason why pet owner hired a dog walker. 

Sam and Raymond are two lovely kitties, but they got totally different temperaments. Sam is the long hair cat. I would say Sam is an athlete. Why? Because Sam always running around at home all day. Moreover, he usually not acting the way you want him to. He decided where to go, when to eat, where to stop etc. He is always energetic. It's difficult to take a nice picture for Sam because my camera, sadly speaking, was not fast enough to capture his movements. 

Raymond is the short hair cat. Comparing with Sam, Raymond is more stable and sensitive. On the first 2 days of my visits, he usually came out at the beginning but soon hided away. According to my experience, cats hate fast movers. I tried to slow down my motion and greet Raymond by putting my finger in front of his nose, and then give a gentle stroke to him. Gradually, he was not hiding away and even trying to get closer to me. I am really delighted to see such a tremendous change. 

Apart from cats and dog, I needed to feed two tanks of goldfishes daily. From my experience, goldfish is not easy to keep. Too much or too little food may lead to an unfavorable result. I have experience in raising fishes since I was young. It’s glad that I can use it today.

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