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Kenji - Jan 2017

We are delighted to have Kenji to stay with us in Chinese New Year. He is coated with white smooth short hairs with a bit wrinkle at his chest. He has quick accommodating ability that he fell into sleep soon after he arrived the new boarding home for less than an hour. His sleeping pose brought us with a huge sense of humor as he was sleeping like a statue with large snoring noise.

In fact, Kenji got a cool and independent personality. He seldom expressed his emotion or barked at strangers who rang the doorbell. Also, not much reaction to toys. Perhaps, this is the typical shiba inu’s personality. Nonetheless, he loves having walkies as much as enjoying the wind and view of the dog park. Due to his cool personality, he seldom interacted with other doggies, so what we normally did is sitting on the bench and had his hair combed.

Although playful and hyper dog is very lovable, independent and cool dog like Kenji indeed got another kind of attractiveness. And we really enjoy having Kenji to stay with us for these few days. Welcome your visit and see you next time!



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