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Jasmine - April 2017


Let’s welcome Jasmine to PSD's family. She is a black golden dachshund. Jasmine and I had spent great and memorable time with each other!

Jasmine is always well mannered and polite. She never barks at anyone. She was very nice to all of my family members. When someone rang the doorbell, she sometimes came to the door to greet and say a hi. But why I said it is "sometimes"? It's because she loves to take a nap so much! She just didn't mind who was coming in and what is happening around her when she was sleeping. Even though she ignored the environment sound, My families and I still tried to be as quiet as possible. We paid extra caution when moving around at home to make sure we did not generate any noise that bothers Jasmine's sweet dream.

She had funny sleeping posture. She loved to curl up her body and tail when sleeping. Sometimes, she would use her front paws to cover her nose and eyes to create her own private space. Such a clever girl.

There was also another side of Jasmine. When she was awake, she wanted to be loved. Sometimes, she followed me everywhere at home. When I walked into the living room, she followed my step. When I went to the bathroom, she waited for me outside the door. To gain my attention, she tried to lie down on the floor and roll around to ask for our stroke. She is very cute! I would always give her a tummy rub whenever she did this.

Jasmine is a senior grandma. We had to be extremely detailed mind when taking care of her. For example, we needed to be super alert of not allowing her to climb or jump from the couch. To do this, we would always put something on the couch to prohibit her from jumping on the sofa when there is no one sitting on it. What is more, she drank lots of water daily. We always need to ensure that she got enough water to drink by refilling her water bottle 3 times per day. She would go to drink the freshly boiled water immediately once it is refilled.

Really enjoy having Jasmine to stay with us for a week. Nice to meet you!

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