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Rabbit Sitting Service

Gu Gu - From June to July 2016

Mr Gu Gu is a colour-mixed dwarf rabbit that catch my eyeball immensely when I first saw him.  He’s super funny because everytime when you cuddle him, he will make the sounds “ gugugu”, seems like he’s protesting and saying that he doesn't want to be hugged. That’s why the pet owner had named him Gu Gu.

Papaya candy is his favourite food. Whenever he hears the sounds of opening the can, he jumps up and gives you a begging eye contact. It’s irresistible. It’s super cute. On the other hand, he sometimes digs into the hay and hide beneath.  And jumps up again after a few seconds. He’s really interesting.

So glad to meet Gu Gu. Look forward to visiting him next time.


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