Frequently Asked questions

How can a pet sitter help you?

When you are not able to care for your pets (perhaps because of travelling, too busy at work, etc.) , your assigned pet sitter will visit your home to take good care of your pets. The pet sitter will perform a wide variety of tasks such as feeding, grooming and medical treatment. Pet sitter will ensure that your pet’s routines are uninterrupted and they are remaining in a good health condition with enough exercises and playtime. Pet sitter will also help to alive your home by performing basic household duties such as throwing away the garbage and watering plants. All of our pet sitters are certificated in pet first aid. We will put all our efforts to provide the best services to your pets so that you can focus on your job or vacations with a peace of mind.

What types of animals do you care for?

We care for most types of household pets as long as they do not put our pet sitter at risk. We do not care for pets that are used to bite or attack people. However, we will consider the condition case by case in the initial consultation.

Why should I choose pet sitting instead of pet hotel or domestic helper?

For pet hotel, your pets are being removed from their familiar surroundings and very often they could result in stressful psychological status and physical sickness by exposing them to an unknown environment with lots of other animals. Also, there are many news unveiled the problem of poor hygiene and dog fights in pet hotel. In-house pet sitting is the best solution to avoid the aforementioned issues. Your pets are staying comfortably at home with one-to-one tender loving care from our pet sitter.

Some may ask domestic helper to look after their pets due to convenience. However, they are not professionally trained to take care of pets. If accidents occur, they may have no related knowledge to decide what to do next. To avoid your pet from unnecessary harm, pet sitters who are proficient in pet first aid techniques, can make foremost action to save your pets’ life in the crucial moment.

Is it secure to have a “stranger” at home?

When we hire pet sitter, we always try our best to investigate their personal background. Our pet sitter not only need to meet our recruitment standard, but also should be out of any criminal record. In addition, pet owners are encouraged to install their camera to observe how your pets are interacting with our pet sitter. If you do not have a camera at home or do not want to purchase one, you are suggested to use our camera renting service.

How can I know my pets are being fine during my absence?

The pet sitter will update you about the pet’s status for each visit by a few pictures or video clip via whatsapp or email.

What are your office hours?

We provide service for 24 hours.

What if severe weather happens?

In case of Typhoon No. 8 or Black Rainstorm signal is raised, our pet sitter cannot promise to arrive at the previously agreed timing for the sake of their own safety. The pet sitter will arrive earlier or later at the same day to ensure the pets are cared.

How do I pay?

We accept cash, bank transfer and cheques.

Do you charge a holiday fee?

No, we don’t. We recognise that most of the pet owners require pet sitting service especially on holiday period. As an ethical company, we will not seize this opportunity to charge extra fee to our customers.

How does the cancellation policy work?

If you need to cancel the service due to change of plans, you should notice us at least 10 days in advance. In this case, there will be a refund of 80% service fee. Any cancellation makes within 10 days before the service, there will be no refund.  For example, you need home pet sitting service from 20th Nov to 25th Nov 2016. You can get an 80% refund if you apply for the cancellation on or before 9th Nov. Any cancellation application that made later than 9th Nov will not be refunded.

Do you still have problems in mind? Feel free to contact us! We are always here to help.