Dora, Dorie & 6 cats

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2 dogs and 6 cats - Feb 2017

The dogs call Dora and Dorie. They are both girls.

They are very nervous to newcomers, especially Dora. When I entered the home at the very beginning, they barked at me simultaneously and perhaps disappointed by not seeing their mother. As time goes by, Dorie stopped barking because I gave her some snacks. She is so food motivated that she can do everything for me if you give her snacks or food. She is so funny. For Dora, she is quite persistent. Dora has completely different personality with Dorie that she will never be bribed by food. She just wanted me to leave her territory.What I did was being soft and kind to her. I talked to her softly. Hope she could feel much comfortable of getting along with me. Although she still kept barking, the frequency was decreasing gradually. At the end of the night, we can sleep together at the same bed room. What a fabulous news.

Their transformations are tremendous and gave me a huge sense of satisfaction. Being patient is always the first step to build trust with animals. Having benevolent is always the most effective way of communicating with animals. This is the best case to tell the truth.

I really enjoy getting along with them. Hope they will be more relax with this "newcomer" next time.


Other than the doggies, I also needed to take care of 6 cats which also belong to the same family. But they were extremely shy and always  stayed away from me. I didn't force them to go out. Instead, I focused on the caring tasks. I just put their food at their food bowls. On the next morning, I was surprised to found out that they finished 90% of the food. Perhaps this is the best strategy to handle shy cats. Hope they will come out and play with me next time!


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