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Deniro - Start From 2017 August

We have met Deniro since August 2017. Our relationship grows along with time passed. Here, we would like to say thank you to the owner’s trust and long-term usage of our dog walking service.

There is no denying that Deniro is a charming boy with handsome appearance and charismatic personality. Many passersby agree with me. His nice personality can be reflected from how he reacts to doggies and people. Every time when people want to say hello to him, he sniffs them gently and wags his tail and body to greet them. When encountering dogs, he wants to make friends with them. His outgoing and sociable personality was loved by people and dogs.

We do exercise together everyday. At the very beginning, he was sometimes not very willing to listen to my directions and insisted on where he wanted to go. Otherwise, he will just sit down and stop walking. Probably he thought that this newcomer cannot protect him. I knew that most golden retrievers only listen to who they recognised as a leader. In order to earn Deniro’s recognition, I have trained up myself with more strenuous exercise to make myself stronger, not only physically, but also mentally. As time goes by, he recognised that I can protect him and lead him. Now, our exercises are much more smooth and effective.

It’s never an easy task to gain trust from others, including animals. To obtain their trust, right technique and attitude are necessary to convey the right message to them.


Patience. Benevolence. Thoughtfulness. Integrity.

We always provide loving care to furry friends with patience, benevolence, thoughtfulness and integrity. Most of our customers are satisfied with our services. Please contact us if you need a professional to take care of your pets. We are the trusted partner of you and your pets.