Dana, Dugal and Dingo

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Dana, Dugal, Dingo - Feb 2017 onwards

Dana (border collie) is the boss of the family but she is so gentle during the walk and she always walks beside me obediently. On the other hand, food means everything to her. After I gave her the food bowl, I normally need to walk away from her so that she can eat relaxly. Otherwise, she would raise her head several times to make sure I am not going to steal her food.  

Dugal is the golden retriever that drinks tons of water daily. That’s explain why he never runs out of pee during the walk. Therefore, a fully replenished water bottle is inevitable. Besides, his way of greeting me is so polite and hilarious. He likes to pick a slipper to me with his mouth and throw it right in front of me.  

Little Dingo was overjoyed about his walk every time. He tends to run towards me and jump around. But once we arrived the street, he would be extraordinary calm and move slowly. Perhaps he enjoys to look at the view and feel the sunshine. In order to continue the walk, I had to pat his head to get his attention back.

Exercising with you guys are having so much fun. I really enjoy the time spent together.

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