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Cookie - December 2016

I am pleased to have Mr Cookie to live at my home for a week. His funniest habit was that he used to looked at me with his eyebrow frowning whenever he had any request.

One of my routine duties was bringing Cookie to the pet garden. We meet lots of doggies over there. Cookie love running with his friends, especially those big dogs, that not only consumed lots of his energy but also fulfilling his social needs. That’s why pet sitters need a strong and healthy body to cope with challenges anytime. Having played for an hour, he walked beside me calmly on the way back home. Fortunately, Cookie is a good boy, after running for a while, he would slow down his pace and start exploring the environment again. When we arrived home, he was whimpering in order to urge me to get his dinner prepared. After filling up the stomach, he knew that it’s time to go to bed. He laid down at his sleeping area and start snoring.

On the first day, Cookie was sniffing every corner of my house and he was so excited to walk around and explore the new place. Every smell seems to attract his attention. First, he investigated the kitchen. He was so disappointed to find out that there was no food in the kitchen. Then, he ran to the living room and figured out there is a cat at the other side of the door as he kept sniffing the door and tilt his head to show his confusion.

Three days have been pasted quickly, Cookie and the cat knew each other existence. But they seem to ignore and never attempt to approach each other. Maybe it was their way to respect once territory. On the last day, Cookie and the cat is getting even closer to each other. They were sharing the same space by walking around at the living room without disturbing other. I was so surprised to see they accept each other and build friendship lastly.

Cookie bring endless happiness to me and my family. We are so glad to have Cookie to homestay with us in Christmas time. Lastly, hope the pet owner did not found us annoying for sending plenty of photo updates as we aim to bring a peace of mind to every pet owner that their pets are living safely and comfortably at our sitter’s home with one-to-one tender loving care.

Patience. Benevolence. Thoughtfulness. Integrity.

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