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Belle -  August & October 2016

Belle is a 12 years old chocolate-colour poodle. So nice to meet her. She has  sociable, friendly and easygoing personalities which made her really easy to get along with new friends. Plus, she is very polite to all dogs and humans. Never bounce up or bark but face every situation with calmness. I appreciate her good manner.

During the dog walk, we went to Quarry Bay Promenade Dog Park and enjoyed the fresh air and sea view. There were lots of doggies over there. Whenever she met other dogs, she sniffed others gently and walked away. After greeting all her new friends passed by, she finally sat on a long bench and took a rest. And she was so thirsty that she drank almost half bottle of water. Amazing.

Hope to see Belle again in the near future, I am sure that I will always recall the time spent with her.

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