Bei Bei & Mei Mei

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Bei Bei & Mei Mei - April 2017

We would like to introduce Bei Bei & Mei Mei to all of you. They are two gorgeous elegant ladies. See their lovely pictures, can't resist their charm, right?

Both of them have their own dining seat. They love to eat on the chair without a food bowl. When dining times came, each of them would sit properly on the own chair and let me to hand feed food to them one by one. After filling their stomach with food, they were keen to play. They were going to search for their toys and looking at me with their playful face. Yeah, let’s move and play. 👏👏

What’s more, they got their own toys, too. Bei Bei loves the ball-shaped toy, while Mei Mei loves the colourful striped toy. To play with them at the same time, I had to hold 2 cat teaser wands. One of them would play at my right side, another would play at my left side. Very funny! 😆😆


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