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BB & Pei Dan - February 2017

OMG! Look at these cutie faces. Just can’t stand for dose of cuteness from BB. He really made my day.

BB’s life pace is slow. He loves to eat, play and walk slowly. That’s his way to enjoy life. Hong Kong people should definitely learn from BB to get themselves relaxed. Haha. However, there was an exception. He would increase his pace when I were taking out the Greenies treat packages from the kitchen drawer. He just LOOOOVE Greenies so much.  "Meow, Meow, Meow" He would do that every time when he finished his treat. Why's that? Because he was asking for extra piece of Greenies. I know that! I just know. Fine, I surrender, Your cuteness absolutely overwhelm. Let’s have 2 pieces of Greenies then.

After eating dessert, he would find a cozy place, either his carton sofa or bed, and lay down. Then, he would look at me directly as if asking me to massage him immediately. Copy! I were happy to do so. After enjoying 5 mins massage, he would “meow” to convey a message to me that “ it is enough, stop it”. OKOK. So, it’s time to play.

When I picked up the feather toy, he would respond me by his eyes and his head would follow the feather movement. It is so funny to see this scene. After doing some warm up exercise for a while, we then played seriously. At last, when he became tired, he would only use his hand to touch the feather. We usually took some rest and played again a few minutes later.

Besides, BB got a shy sister. Her name is Pei Dan. She stayed away for my first few visits. I would normally leave her alone to lessen her pressure. After a week, she was still playing hide and seek game with me. However, I could find her within 10 seconds. As she would only hide at 2 places, one is under her tiny bed, another place is inside the carton box. she finally get used to my presence after getting along with her for more than 1 week. Thanks to the toy, it broke the ice between us. Pei Dan is a super playful and energetic girl that could never resist the feather toy. Although she was a bit shy, she just focused on the toy. Gradually, for them, my presence was equal to play and fun. She no longer get rid of me. I were really really happy to see Pei Dan's transformation, from staying away from me to walking approach me to rub my leg and purr.

We had a great time with BB and Pei Dan. We look forward to seeing you two again in the future.



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