Ar Yai, Ar Hei and Ar Foong

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Ar Yai, Ar Hei and Ar Foong - Sept 2017

Ar Yai is a super sociable and talkative cat who loves to greet our pet sitter with great enthusiasm. He would keep meowing to express his eagerness to be patted. He would only stop meowing until you bend down and offer him a gentle face massage. He is also playful and has a special affinity towards feather toy. Once he saw our pet sitter took out the toy from the drawer, he knew it’s time to play. His pupil would enlarge instinctively. To warm up, he would first use his 2 front paws to catch the feather toy. After stretching the muscle, he would move faster and start to run and chase the toys. Through engaging in this physical activity, it burned up lots of his calories and thus staying fit.

 Ar Hei is a quite sociable girl but not as sociable as Ar Yai. Actually, she loves to act as a supervisor to administer how our pet sitter works from time to time. If he is hungry, he would look at the pet sitter with a sharp eye contact and ask pet sitter to prepare the food more quickly. If this does not get what he want, he will try to pressurize the pet sitter by walking nearer to her and make sure the pet sitter fasten her speed. Finally, it’s time to serve. He has waited this moment for a century. Enjoy your food.

Ar Foong is a shy girl who loves to play hide and seek game with our pet sitter. To ensure all pets are safe and sound in every visit, our pet sitter will check if all cats are doing fine before starting the caring tasks. Normally she has 2 hiding spots. One is the carton box which is located on the cupboard, another is behind the window blind. Once she was being discovered, she would warn us by a verbal sound “Fi” to convey a message to us that she did not want to be disturbed. Fine, we will give you some personal space.

For the next few visits, the pet sitter took advantage of the delicious snack as well as the pack power to lure her. Surprisingly, she came out step by step. At first, she stood from a far distance and observed the interaction between the pet sitter and other cats. After making sure the environment is totally safe, she approached the pet sitter sneakily. Finally, she had taken the snack from the pet sitter’s hand. What an exciting and fabulous moment. From that point forward, she got the idea that the pet sitter is not a terrific moveable object, but an amiable food supplier.


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