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Ar B - 2017 Oct

When I met Ar B at the very beginning, she was shy. She rather chose to hide under the sofa, where was dark and narrow, than came out and met this newcomer.

According to my experience, cats are usually categorized into three types. One is introvert that no matter what you do for them, they just ignore you. Another type is extrovert that no matter who you are, they treat you as a friend. Ar B is the third type of cat. She looked like an introvert, but she actually wanted to come out and greet people. What she lacked is courage. Hence, I tried to enhance her courage and build up her confidence by some techniques.

As a professional pet sitter, even if a pet is ignoring me, I will try to use different ways to arouse their attention, not except Ar B. I tried to talk to her, blink my eyes to her etc. Gradually, she tried to step out of the sofa and approach me.

Pet sitter is not an easy job, which can only be carried out with a genuine heart. I believe that animals can sense who is trustworthy and who isn't. Only when we use our true heart to interact with them, they will likely react to us friendly. The trust that pet had on me brings me with loads of happiness and satisfaction.

Patience. Benevolence. Thoughtfulness. Integrity.

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