Our team

Our Team

Sam & Angela

Hello, we are Sam and Angela, the co-founders of Pet Sitting Diary. Nice to meet you!

Home pet sitting has become an increasing trend around the world. This service has been widely accepted and requested by pet owners, especially in developed regions. This is simply because we treat our pets as important as our family members. Therefore, people are looking for safe and secured pet-care solutions that offer peace of mind to them by taking good care of their pets when they are busy at work or go for a trip.

Pet sitting service in Hong Kong is still in its infant stage. We constantly receive many service requests and questions regarding our pet sitting services per month. We are more than happy to discuss with you of how our services could fulfill your needs.

Sam is a cat owner and has more than 9 years experience in raising cats. Because he loves pets and recognizes the trend of increasing pet ownership, he decided to enter the pet sitting industry. He has been a pet sitter for nearly 5 years. With several years of pet-related learnings and practical experiences, he is proficient in taking good care of different kinds of pets.

Angela has been surrounded by animals since she was a toddler. She has experience of raising dog, cat, rabbit and fish. These practical experiences have developed her an outstanding pet sitter. She has also chosen to be a vegetarian since she was young. She believed that all kinds of animals deserve equal love and respect. In order to be a pet care professional, she had worked as a pet groomer, pet shop handler, cat sitter and dog walker for the past 7 years.

In December 2016, we decided to turn our interest into a lifelong career and established Pet Sitting Diary. Our mission is “To provide the best quality of life to all pets in Hong Kong.” What we have achieved to date would not come true without the efforts of our wonderful team of pet sitters. See their introduction below.


Hi, my name is Yan. I own a dog, a cat, and a bunny now. They are my everything. I responsible to take care of them daily. I turned my job from full-time to part-time so that I can spend more time with them. As I believed that they deserve more love and play time. I joined Pet Sitting Diary because our aim is similar. We wanted to provide the greatest pet caring experience for the pets. In leisure time, I would also assist my neighbor to look after their pets. I look forward to meeting your pets soon. =)


Hello everyone. I am Fifi. I grow my love toward dogs and cats since I was a child. In order to get in touch with more pets, I joined several animal welfare associations as a volunteer. I often participated in their event activities, dog walking schemes as well as pet fostering program! I took care of puppies as a temporary family to give basic obedience training and teach them love so as to increase their chance to be adopted!


Hi, this is Jenny. I am so glad that I can be part of PSD as a pet sitter. I have always been an animal lover. I have two cats and a dog currently. Taking care and playing with them is one of my favorite activities every day. They always love my self-made food and what makes me so proud are their satisfied faces after finishing the meal. I have experience in pet grooming as well. By getting into the pet sitting industry, I found that this service is really helpful for the pet owners who have no time to take care of their fur babies for a short period for any reason. Pet Sitting Diary provides a very organized and caring service to both pet owners and their pets. Hope to see you and your pets when required.


Hi everyone! I am Kayu, owner of one handsome doggy. He brings lots of fun and love to me and my family. After he came into my life, I found that I really enjoy to get along with furry kids, and made me determined in finding an animal-related job. I have been working for several animals’ shelters and vet clinics as a veterinary nurse. All these experiences had provided me with ability and confidence to give professional care to different animals. I believe pet sitting service can undoubtedly help owners who are busy at work or away from home, while their pets still receive the best quality of life. Hope to see you and your kids in the future!


My name is Ida. I grew up with pets since I was in kindergarten. I had Shetland Sheepdog, Pomeranian and Cat. Because of them, I have a beautiful childhood. They taught me to love and care animals, as they have emotion as much as we do. They taught me to enjoy life, as they don't keep unhappy things in mind. They taught me to be patient, as they tested my limit every single day. It is my pleasure to join Pet Sitting Diary to take care of your furry kids for your worry-free working and travelling, so that your pets can stay at the most relaxing place to wait for their family members home.


Hi everyone, this is Tina. I believe Dogs are the best friends of human beings. I grew up with dogs since I was a child. I have 2 German Shepards and 2 mongrel breeds now. I love to stay with them, play with them and even sleep with them as they give me endless love. I feel so much appreciated to join the pet sitting industry as it provides me with chances to take care of different kinds of pets.


Hi everyone, I'm Terry, I grew up with lots of pets when I was a kid. I have experience of raising chicks, turtles, bunnies, hamsters, cats, and dogs (Husky and Labrador). These pets are so important to me because they are part of my family. I'm a certified and experienced Dog Trainer and Pet Groomer in Australia. After coming back to HK, I volunteer in few local dog shelters and charity groups every week. I believe these experiences allow me to handle and take good care of your lovely fur babies. You can enjoy your vacation without worry your pets' lives. I look forward to seeing you guys soon.


Hi everyone, I am Ivy. I have over 20 years of experiences taking care of dogs. I had different sizes of dogs, such as Yorkshire Terrier, Shepherd, Old English Sheep Dog, Chinese Breed. And now I have two dogs, a Bichon and a Poodle. As a pet owner, I totally understand what the owner's thought and concern, as the pets are our precious family member. I joined Pet Sitting Diary because their service can take care of the needs of both the Owner and the Pets. This is what I wanted for a long time. Hope to see you and your pets soon.


Hello everyone~ This is Christy.

I am the owner of 5 beloved cats. I'm so delighted to join Pet Sitting Diary and be able to help other owners to take care of their precious pets. I have always been an animal lover, growing up with dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters. I love to be surrounded by different animals and study different aspects of their behaviour. I have been volunteered in different animal shelters and I'm also a foster parent. As a pet owner, I understand the owner's concerns and worry. It is my honour to help them and care their beloved pets. Hope pet owners can be stress-free and enjoy the time while they are away.

Looking forward to meeting you and your lovely pets soon!


Hi everyone, this is Julie!

I love animals since I was young. I enjoy being around animals so I always want to pursue an animal-related career path. I studied Animal Biology in Canada and came back to Hong Kong in 2017 after graduation. I worked as a veterinary nurse assistant where I built up my knowledge in how to take care of animals. When I found out more about the pet sitter industry, I believe this is the perfect opportunity for me to turn my interest into my life career. I am glad that I can be a member of Pet Sitting Diary. I had experience in fostering kittens and volunteering at parrot shelter. Sometimes, I help taking care of my relative’s dog as well. It will be my pleasure to help taking care of your pet while they wait for their beloved family member home!